Pam`s und Lucy`s Bitchy Bingo Birthday Bash

Pam`s und Lucy`s Bitchy Bingo Birthday Bash
Fanfare, fanfare - imagine the following points for the rest of the text: European anthem from the string orchestra Tagesschau melody heartbeat as in the DSDS winner's announcement Victoria Swarowski who expects applause applause 12 points and the Oscar goes to ... ... because after more than half a year they are back: Pam Pengco and Lucy Diamonds! In a double pack and for good reason! Lucy still has her birth weight and Pam is now a nursing mother herself, but today they are both celebrating their own birthday! Who did not know that was probably never in exile when the 16 was drawn. Will it be a sophisticated duo, an evening full of mare bite or a happy party because Chrystal Math was born differently when? One thing is for sure - only one of the two can be on the cover of the new Harper`s Bazaar! Apart from the fact that the two live on average 29 years old, we play four great rounds of bitchy bingo including bitchy questions and a capella schnappsaoke. There are delicious prizes and still the chance of our wall of balls, because soon another highlight is coming up: Bitchy Bingo turns 6! The school bus is already waiting. Reserve your table, let yourself be tested, because we are sticking to the Corona measures as before and are looking forward to being there for you again. Thank you for your support and loyalty and for a great step towards normality. Bützchen! Your Exile Team, Pam and Lucy PS Pam would like to inform you that there may be changes at short notice. She will get her second vaccination the day before and hopes to be fit on June 16th. Fingers crossed. You too, Lucy!

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Wednesday, June 16, 2021 19:00 -
Wednesday, June 16, 2021 23:59
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