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LGBTI+ Høringsrække – Høring 3: LGBTI+ Familier

LGBTI+ Høringsrække – Høring 3: LGBTI+ Familier
The number of LGBTI + people creating families outside the traditional “father-mother-and-children model” is rising sharply in recent years, and the number of so-called “rainbow families” has doubled between 2009 and 2019. There are f. ex. today 1,465 families consisting of either two men or two women. In the same embrace, the number of families with more than 2 parents has increased significantly. This is good news, but Danish legislation still does not reflect the reality of these families. There are still many unreasonable obstacles to creating good lives in the LGBTI + families. At the hearing on 31 May, we want to focus on the conditions for the LGBTI + families and the challenges that come with creating a family that does not look like the one that was the standard when most legislation in the area was written. You must remember to register for the hearing via the ticket link if you want to participate in the hearing. ---------- This is the third consultation in a series of 4, where 7 LGBTI + organizations have joined forces to focus on current challenges for LGBTI + people in the time leading up to World Pride and Eurogames 2021 in Copenhagen and Malmö 12.-22. August. Briefly about the consultation series: Meet leading experts, civil society organizations and elected representatives in four different hearings that shed light on LGBTI + conditions in primary and lower secondary school, the asylum system, family policy and foreign / development policy, respectively. The hearings are arranged by LGBT Asylum, Sabaah, Copenhagen Pride, Copenhagen 2021, Intersex Denmark, LGBT + Youth and LGBT + Denmark. Overview of the hearings: - 1 March - LGBTI + students (online) - 19 April - LGBTI + refugees - 31 May - LGBTI + families - 28 June - LGBTI + in Danish Foreign Policy All hearings will take place at 14-17. Hopefully, hearings 2-4 can take place in the Common Hall at Christiansborg, if Covid-19 development allows it. We follow developments closely.


Monday, May 31, 2021 14:00 -
Monday, May 31, 2021 17:00
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