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Happy Birthday WunderBar

Happy Birthday WunderBar   28 Jahre Remmidemmi
28 YEARS OF MADNESS! YEAH! We will be 28 and we want to and will celebrate with you. We invite you to the big birthday break in the Wunderbar with all sorts of fanfare, prank and hooligan! Aged 28 years and not a day. The probably most colorful and wicked gay bar in the heart of St. Pauli's, celebrating her 28th birthday. What did not we experience and experience with you? Numerous parties that would never have become so legendary without the hottest party people in the world. We were traveling with you on festivals and have let Hamburg become more colorful with you. Even the serious things in life we ??have tackled together. Year after year, we took to the streets of Hamburg - CSD and demonstrated together with you for "equal rights and tolerance". Heart projects like: "The family is doing something!" And "Ready to Act". Have been part of our lives for years as well as in yours. We were able to hand over numerous donations for a good cause together with you. Of course this should stay that way for the next 28 years. The evening is packed with fun. good mood and gifts. An evening of "friends for friends". + Eintritt frei von 22-24H + 1 Glas Sekt von 22-24H für jeden Gast + Stündlich jeder Shot 1€ + Candy + Ballons + GEWINNE! Gutscheine Diverse Partytickets + Liveact und vieles mehr. Wir freun uns voll auf euch. Wunderbar Hamburg - Wir steh'n auf Jungs - Seit 28Jahren

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Sunday, December 22, 2019 22:00 -
Monday, December 23, 2019 05:00


Free before midnight
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