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Manchester Beatbox Battles

Manchester Beatbox Battles
Madz Present - The Manchester Beatbox Battles at TriBeCa Manchester After over a year of clubs being forced to shut their doors while a pandemic causes chaos throughout the world the government have finally provided us with some excellent news. On the 17th of May Indoor hospitality events will be off restrictions allowing people to get back to life as normal and Enjoy live events. on the 10th of June we will be putting on the first restriction free Beatbox Event in the UK 2021 where incredible talents travel from all over the Uk competing for the Crown finishing with the finest Uk loopers showcase and local Drum & Bass DJs and MCs. YOU HAVE OVER A YEAR OF LIVE EVENTS TO MAKE UP FOR. LETS MAKE IT A NIGHT TO REMEMBER TICKET PRICES TIER 1 - £2 TIER 2 - £3 TIER 3 - £4 TIER 4 - £5 FOLLOW THE LINK BELOW FOR TICKETS. CHEEP TICKETS CHEEP BEER SOUNDSYSTEM NATIONAL TALENT —————————————————————— ***Cash Prize*** Sponsored by TriBeCa Manchester Battles line up: Kayos Red beard Suffix Hann Raw Element Milky Pie Tangent Big Taj Liam Tylos Ludoler Tremor Doris Renegrade More tbc... Judges: Abh (Current Uk beatbox champion) Madz (Event promoter) More tbc... Host: Killamanjaro Dj: Ali kid Loop showcase: Madz Tonker Red beard Frosty DJ line up: Bigfoot Mystix SPARK B2b Jungglah Madz Hosted by: inkolective Be there! —————————————————————— Competition Rules & guidelines: Elimination/Seeding round - 1 minute 30 seconds The Top 16 of these will be chosen to compete in the battles: Top 16 - 2 x 1 minute 30 seconds each Quarter Finals - 2 x 1 minute 30 seconds each Semi Finals - 2 x 1 minute 30 seconds each Battle for Third - 2 x 2 minutes each The Final - 2 x 2 minutes each **Any extra time will require each Beatboxer to an extra 30 seconds each.** Battle Rules:- * Winner of coin toss decides who goes first. * Battles will be in the usual 'A-B-A-B' format. * Participants will need to be alert and near the stage during the battles. If we call your name and you don't arrive to the stage, we will go onto the next bracket but if then at the end when we call your name a second time and we still can't find you, unfortunately you will be disqualified. * Aggressive/ dangerous body contact will lead to automatic disqualification and will not be tolerated, this is unnecessary. * The Judges decision is final. * Any questions please contact Naeim Alnajjar Judging Criteria: Musicality: This is how musical your beatboxing is. Have you crafted your composition and arranged your routines? For example, do they build-up and finish well? Have you used melody - bass lines or lead parts - and if so, are you able to keep pitch and deliver something with good tone and timbre that sounds musically pleasing? Technicality: Technicality is not just about speed. The judges will be looking for clarity, complexity and the timing of your delivery. They will be looking at the diversity of sounds you produce and the techniques you use. Do your routines bridge and flow into each other well? Originality: Our Judges know quite abit about beatboxing. They will be looking for sounds and routines that make you stand out. Are your beats fresh and diverse? Do you have something in your repertoire that is original and hasn’t been done before? Performance: The judges will be monitoring crowd response and will be wanting to see how you are on the stage and how you use it, be entertaining! Have you captivated the audience and the judges with your routines? Engagement: A battle is a battle. This means you need to engage your opponent! The judges will be watching the ‘fight’. How are you responding to your opponent? The judges will be looking for quick-wittedness, ingenuity and clever comebacks.


Thursday, June 10, 2021 18:00 -
Thursday, June 10, 2021 23:59
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