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When Dogs Heal: The Healing Power of Dogs Within the HIV Community.

When Dogs Heal: The Healing Power of Dogs Within the HIV Community.
The Center presents a unique conversation about the positive impact that dogs have within the HIV community, in this powerful presentation of the new book “When Dogs Heal: The Healing Power of Dogs Within the HIV Community.” “When Dogs Heal” is a photographic project that tells the stories of people who believe that the best medicine sometimes comes in the form of a four-legged friend. This publication is a collaborative project of photographer Jesse Freidin and the nonprofit charity Fred Says, whose mission is to ensure that all young people living with HIV receive the services they need to lead healthy, productive lives. Join us for this special conversation with Jesse and Dr. Rob Garofalo (HIV youth specialist, and inspiration for this book) where they read some of their favorite excerpts, show some images, and take questions from the audience. ABOUT WHEN DOGS HEAL Since 2014, Jesse and his team have traveled to cities across the country in search of people living with HIV who were willing to share their stories about the healing power of canine companionship. Whether it was to combat loneliness or stigma, to discover the importance of unconditional love, to manage one’s medical care, or to simply have a best friend in a time of need—each person’s story is a unique and empowering account of the incredible bond between a person and their pet. Paired with these powerful stories, each portrait shows the realities of HIV/AIDS in a personal and intimate light. ABOUT JESSE FREIDIN Jesse Freidin is America’s leading fine art dog photographer, with work in more than 150 private collections throughout the United States. His portraiture has been exhibited in galleries across the country and has received numerous awards and widespread publicity. His work studies the deeply healing power of the human/animal bond—telling a contemporary story of companionship and love that truly honors the role dogs play in our modern lives. ABOUT DR. ROB GAROFALO Dr. Garofalo’s primary clinical and research activities relate to the care of marginalized youth populations, including LGBTQ young people and those living with HIV, and are largely focused on HIV prevention. He is currently Chief of Adolescent Medicine in the Department of Pediatrics/Potocsnak Family Professor in Adolescent & Young Adult Medicine/Professor of Pediatrics (Adolescent Medicine) and Preventive Medicine at Northwestern Medicine.


Wednesday, March 24, 2021 15:30 -
Wednesday, March 24, 2021 23:59


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