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House of Love

Karmaklubb* #30: 'House of Love' w/ SYNK, ODS, DJ Baby Dyke
Please join the mingle at Bortenfor from 8-ish p.m. Bring yourself and the finest people you know! (Or, ask a date out?) All welcome. The party starts at Ingensteds from 10 p.m. FREE!! (From 11 p.m. CC 90—come early.) Will be very hot—and fun—guaranteed!!! — 10 p.m.: Nice lubri by DJ Baby Dyke — Around midnight: Artists from OPEN DRAG STAGE! — 12:15-ish: DJ-set by SYNK!!! A true 'kjærlighetsfest' at this old factory building—probably Oslo's nicest club complex—by the river. And tonight: Club from early on, drag at midnight—with Briar, Elektra Puzzz, and Linda Longlegz—culminating into the very charming sweet duo SYNK, and just really good … clubbing. There will hopefully be new disco lights (fingers x), a huge disco ball too, and not to forget: The Claw. Let it shine!!! And looping all night: A selection of hot and sexy video snippets curated by Oslo/Fusion International Film Festival. WELCOME. Brenneriveien 9, Oslo CC FREE / 90 NOK ID 20 ? DJ BABY DYKE Tonight's Traktor-lubri. A fluid creature. Up for queering public spaces. Dub, club, housy hotness. Probably some obscurities too, cross time and genres. Previously seen at Khartoum CAC, SALT, Kulturhuset, Kaiku (Helsinki), and more. Please, start dancing early. Gonna be fun! [ARTISTS FROM] OPEN DRAG STAGE Proudly presenting three artists from the drag show concept Open Drag Stage: The no less than the amazing Briar, Elektra Puzzz, and Linda Longlegz enter Ingensteds around midnight! (To get a preview, catch them at Elsker the weekend before! 'Glam and filth' Or tease yourself clicking the link above.) Since 2017 ODS has facilitated an open stage for drag and gathered Oslo's drag artists in dazzling and varied shows at Elsker, Kulturhuset, Youngs Nede, Oslo Pride, and more. And tonight, at Karmaklubb* at Ingensteds. Show up in time—this will be something to remember!! SYNK Main DJ-set for tonight is one of our favorites: SYNK! Those of you who did see them— Ida Christine Stein & Naomi Camilla Straume Moen) with Karmaklubb* at the Munch Museum late August, Ingensteds last Oslo Pride, or at Khartoum CAC late fall, know for sure this is not to be missed. Quick reminder: Really hot and eclectic house vibes (including Russian 80s samples!!!) The Sandefjord-duo blends dreamy synthesizers with playful percussion with harder electronic music; techno, hardcore, acid, breakbeats, house, even elements of trance. But always eclectic, surprising — joyful! This is music for pleasures of body/mind. We must mention SYNK also runs TENK KLUBB around eastern part of Norway, besides playing themselves at venues as Dattera til Hagen, Kurbadhagen, and Oslo Camping. And we know much more is coming up (!). This is the fifth time they enter the room of good karma*. We love. AND: They was just chosen for this year's by:Larm!!! Just sayin'. SC: Oslo/Fusion International Film Festival Karmaklubb* like Oslo/Fusion. And for the occasion we will run a compilation of video snippets that is hot, sexy, and full of love. Oslo/Fusion was founded in 1990 (then called Homofilmklubben, later Skeive Filmer) and is Norway's only film festival dedicated to stories of and by the LGBTQI+ community. It is also one of the country's longest running film festivals, and still the largest festival dedicated to promoting diversity, equality and education through entertainment, with film screenings, panel discussions, and other related events. Trusting film as a powerful medium that can entertain, educate and create change—all at the same time—Oslo/Fusion looks for new perspectives and reflections in stories from our personal or shared lives, and human experiences; films that explore and celebrate diversity in identity, gender, cultural background, and sexuality, or challenge norms and common perceptions in our global society. The regular venue is at the Norwegian Film Institute's Cinemateket (Filmens Hus). WS: ? Karmaklubb* is a nomadic queer club concept and conversational platform. A space for meeting amazing people, 'high quality clubbing', exploring taste. Celebrations of good things. We often do electro, sometimes old-school vinyl. In any case we promise good vibes, served by invited Norwegian and international DJs. Apart from club evenings and nights the programme consists of open conversations, curatorial work, screenings, artist talks, panels, concerts, performance, grape juice tastings, and sometimes food. Karmaklubb* has also launched its own brew, and a publishing house, the IGWTLI publishing. One of the larger projects within the Karmaklubb*-frame are the 'Talks & screenings (on various forms of queerness)' and 'Though & pleasures sessions'—a series of discursive events established fall 2018, proudly giving space to artists, curators, institutions, musicians, writers, scholars, and others representing an important voice. In addition, Karmaklubb* works on a series of essays, interviews, and other written encounters on hybrid spaces—from art institutions to club spheres—crossing communities, and genders (etc.) in flux that are to be assembled in an anthology published by Karmaklubb* and IGWTLI publishing due late 2021–2022, aiming to create a platform for an open feminist, queer discourse. Stay tuned for updates and 2020. Endnote: Karmaklubb* was established in 2013, going public in 2018. The tiny asterisk [*] is still left: "Girls & such. All welcome."

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